The CUI Data Service combines analytical expertise and a deep understanding of community-based organizations to help non-profits work smarter and demonstrate impact. 

How we can help

Set you data free

Unleash your data

Do you spend too much time on data entry yet struggle to access your data when you need it most? We liberate data from spreadsheets, client management systems, CRM, HR, and accounting software and help you to surface the information that you need to make meaningful decisions.

Build once, then automate

Build once, then automate

Traditional reporting workflows can read like a shampoo bottle: lather, rinse, and repeat. We automate repetitive tasks so that you can spend less time reconstructing the same old reports and more time interpreting them.

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Contextual intelligence

We start by developing a strong understanding of your mission, your operational realities, and the questions that you want answered. We then apply statistical methods that can uncover relationships, recognize patterns, and identify clusters to help you find deeper meaning in your data.

A picture is worth...

A picture is worth...

Data can only take you as far as the stories you tell with them. In fact, a good visual can often reveal more than the most sophisticated statistical model. We build interactive dashboards and clean visualizations that enable you to interpret and communicate information more effectively. 

Our Services

In Previews

We are currently engaging early adopters who are interested in co-creating the business offerings for the CUI Data Service. Early adopters are looking for solutions to problems that affect them directly yet have the potential for replication among peer organizations with similar needs.

Early adopters can expect a longer development time with more frequent iterations in exchange for a more customized product.

In Wide Release

Do you already have structured data in an accessible format? We provide maps and other data visualizations with quick turnarounds at affordable, flat rates.

For larger, custom work, contact us to discuss your project ideas and to develop the scope and approach that will best meet your goals.

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