LightSavers Lunch Time Webinar Series:
The Opportunity for LED Lighting in Parking

In the lead up to our 2015 National LED Lighting Summit (November 27, 2015), LightSavers Canada will present a three-part webinar series to share our newly developed resources on the use of LED lighting for parking areas. 

We will be joined by guest speakers including experts in lighting technology, sustainable infrastructure and energy and cost conservation.

The webinar series will run twice throughout November. Each webinar will be held during the lunch hour (12:00-1:00 PM EST) and will be offered on two separate dates.

Nov 9 & Nov 16
Parking Lighting: The National Energy Savings Opportunity
The market opportunity for LED conversions in parking infrastructure across Canada and the potential energy and cost savings.
Nov 10 & Nov 18
The ABC’s of LEDs for Parking                                                           
The benefits, challenges, technical procurement considerations, business case development and commissioning of LED implementation in parking areas.

Nov 13 & Nov 19
Linear LEDs: The Brightest New Opponent to LFLs                            
The benefits of linear LEDs and a sample method for how to design, implement and fund a pilot project to test them as replacements for linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs) in your parking garage.