We build wisdom to inspire leadership for healthy urban development.

CUI was established in 1990 and is a public good enterprise funded through project work. 

Method: The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) delivers non-partisan, consumable information in support of decision-making that sustains economically, socially and environmentally resilient communities.

Focus Areas:  CUI is working in partnership with members of our extensive networks in the private, public, academic and civil society on projects in the following themes:

  • Infrastructure Optimization Value Planning, Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, District Energy Planning, LightSavers Canada, Adaptive Reuse
  • Good Density Age-Friendly Communities, Rethinking Suburbs, Mid-Rise Development, Urban Mobility
  • Vital Places Value of Investing in Downtowns, Culture-Led Strategic Planning, GTA Region in Transition, Electoral Representation, Housing Affordability
  • Enabled Teams Evolutionary Governance and Finance, Urban System Resilience, DataWise, Ukraine Regional Development, TOCore

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