We build wisdom to inspire leadership for healthy urban development.

CUI was established in 1990 and is a public good enterprise funded through project work. 

CUI  delivers non-partisan information in accessible formats in support of decision-making that sustains economically, socially and environmentally resilient communities. We accomplish this through building teams to develop answers to complex urban problems.

CUI works in partnership with members of our extensive networks in the private, public, academic and civil society on projects in the following themes:

  • Infrastructure Optimization Value Planning, Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, District Energy Planning, LightSavers Canada, Adaptive Reuse
  • Good Density Age-Friendly Communities, Rethinking Suburbs, Mid-Rise Development, Urban Mobility
  • Vital Places Value of Investing in Downtowns, Culture-Led Strategic Planning, GTA Region in Transition, Electoral Representation, Housing Affordability
  • Enabled Teams Evolutionary Governance and Finance, Urban System Resilience, DataWise, Ukraine Regional Development, TOCore

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