CUI contributes to the urban agenda by building on its strong legacy of thought leadership and innovation.

Infrastructure Optimization

Canadian Infrastructure Report Card 2015
Developing 2015 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC). Responsible for convening
representatives from 18 professional membership organizations to develop tools and
assess condition of public infrastructure. 

LightSavers Canada Ongoing
Accelerated adoption of LED technology for street lighting in 7 provinces and
developed syndicated purchasing platform for BC municipalities. 

Greater Toronto: A Region in Transition 2013
Motivated Provincial government to coordinate transit investments with land-use
and economic development policies to achieve return on investment from outset.

Integrated Water Mapping for Ontario Ministry of Environment 2012
Created first integrated water use, land use and demographic database allowing cities
to target conservation program messaging reducing marketing costs and informing
land use and planning approvals processes.

Integrated Energy Water Mapping for City of Toronto 2012
Developed new metrics for energy dynamics of delivering water throughout Toronto
that helped City to more effectively allocate capital to water infrastructure projects.

Integrated Energy Mapping for Ontario Communities (OPA) 2011
Pioneered data matching process that allowed municipalities to classify and
normalize energy consumption.

Energy Mapping for the City of Calgary 2008
Helped Calgary modify official its official plan to achieve targets for reducing greenhouse
gas emissions by 2050.

Deep Lake Water Cooling System Early 1990’s
Conducted pre-feasibility study for Toronto’s deep lake water cooling that resulted
in City’s decision to adopt system (2004). Resulted in 75% reduction of electricity use
and eliminated 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Good Density

Mid-Rise Database Beta-Version  2015
Enable developers and consultants to identify opportunities within the marketplace and
generate support for Ontario Growth Plan by creating web-enabled mid-rise database.

Repositioning Age-Friendly Communities 2011
Created awareness about built environment and health impacts of aging that resulted
in collaborations between municipal planning departments and public health officials.

The Value of Investing in Canadian Downtowns 2015
National baseline for economic health of downtowns and tool for decision-makers to
increase funding for downtown revitalization.  Learn about Downtowns Matter.

New Geography of Office Location 2011
Demonstrated the misalignment between office real estate investment and Provincial
transit and growth policies (“Big Move,” “Growth Plan”).

Mississauga Office Strategy Study 2008
Prompted City to adopt new land use policies stimulating transit-oriented office
development on Hurontario corridor.

Vital Places

Toronto Ward Boundary Review Ongoing
Facilitating the review of Toronto’s ward boundaries to recommend a configuration
that respects principal of effective representation. #drawthelinesTO

Culture-Led Strategic Plan for City of Humboldt Phase 1 2013
Enabled City of Humboldt to negotiate long-term contributions from public and
private sector partners to fund growth related infrastructure.

Living Green Master Plan City of Mississauga 2012
Led to change initiatives within the City including the development of an integrated community energy plan and public campaign to organize environmental priorities.

Municipal Cultural Planning Indicators Guidebook 2011
Tool gave municipalities ability to budget and evaluate outcomes of cultural
investments by creating set of indicators and performance measures.

Cultural Resource Mapping: A Guide for Municipalities 2010
Tool helped municipalities generate planning and policy support around the value of investing in a city’s cultural resources.

Nature Count$: Valuing Southern Ontario's Natural Heritage 2006
Motivated major provincial commitment to protect natural assets.

Toronto Vital Signs 2002
Project leader for first Vital Signs Report - published by Toronto Community
Foundation. Report model adopted by 35 communities across Canada.

Enabled Teams

Philippines Local Economic Development 2015 (Since 2008)
Secured $150M in new tourism investments, created 2200 jobs and 50-90% increase in tourism arrivals at project sites by strengthening capacity of local and national partners. Learn more about our International work.

Canada-Ukraine Regional Governance & Development Project 2013
Achieved $100M in investments across 125 projects - the result of a regional national training program developed for 1300 civil servants.

Data Literacy Program 2013
Created DataWISE program to help municipalities organize, understand and
manage available data to improve processes and communications.

Philippines Urban Partnerships Program 2010-2013
Improved local government practices and systems for Disaster Risk Reduction
Management and watershed planning, monitoring and condition evaluating.

Jamaica International Urban Partnerships Program 2010-2013
Developed heritage-based tourism projects with local enterprises attracting $1M
in investment and creating over 200 jobs.

Municipal Readiness in Economic Development 1998
Led to federal and provincial initiative to promote economic development and innovation in 10+ Ontario cities.

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