Making Room for the Middle: A Discussion on Housing Affordability in Mississauga

Town Hall Event/Living Arts Centre

Something needs to be done about housing affordability. That’s why the City of Mississauga is taking action. Making Room for the Middle: A Housing Strategy for Mississauga has 40 actions to support housing affordability. To raise awareness about the Strategy, receive feedback and build partnerships to implement these actions, the City is hosting a town hall event that will feature Vancouver’s Paul Kershaw Ph.D, founder of “Generation Squeeze”. Residents and stakeholders are invited to attend, share their housing experiences and respond to the draft Housing Strategy.


2017 Urban Leadership Awards 

Awards Reception/TBD

Each year since 2004, the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) has been hosting a celebration of individuals and organizations making a profound impact on the quality of life in Canada’s urban regions. The event is an evening cocktail awards presentation followed by moderated panel sessions where recipients engage the audience to explore new ideas in community building. More detailed information regarding the event will be posted shortly. 

**Please note that the date and time of the event are subject to change at this point in time**

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