Congratulations to the 2018 ULA Recipients!


Jane Jacobs Lifetime Achievement Award

Alan Broadbent

Chair and Founder of Maytree, Chair and CEO of Avana Capital Corporation, Co-founder and Chair of the Caledon Institute of Social Policy, the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement and the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance at the University of Toronto.   

Alan receives this award for his significant role in creating and supporting civic engagement projects to strengthen public discourse on civil society. An entrepreneur, philanthropist and urban thinker, Alan's work over the past 25 years has helped elevate the role of cities in Canadian politics and reshape our leadership to better reflect the diversity of Canadian society. He is recognized for his outstanding and lasting impact on issues of poverty, housing, refugees and immigrants, human rights, civic engagement and diversity. Read More.

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David Crombie Award

Ernest W. Matton (elder Little Brown Bear)

Manager, Indigenous Culture and the Aboriginal Healing Program, Michael Garron Hospital Toronto East Health Network 

Ernest receives this award for is leadership role in developing the Aboriginal Healing Program at Michael Garron Hospital, and Accredited Leading Practice in addiction, trauma and mental wellbeing. Ernest’s  innovative approach and ability to unite professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines has led to the development of new policies, partnerships and programs that have improved access to care, patient and provider experiences and overall health outcomes. Through his teachings, he has educated and influenced senior level policy and decision makers across the province, impacting the way professionals, and public servants deliver services to the diverse populations of our communities. Read More.

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City Builder Award

Anne Gloger

Principal, East Scarborough Storefront and the Centre for Connected Communities  

Anne receives this award for her leadership role in the creation of East Scarborough Storefront and the Centre for Connected Communities, organizations that enable and support community-identified and community-led solutions to local problems. Through a commitment to place- and asset-based approaches, Anne’s work has resulted in enduring solutions to the challenges of poverty in the East Scarborough Kingston Galloway Orton Park community as well as a revolutionary model of collective community building that can be replicated in communities around the world. Read More.

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NextGen Award

darnel harris

Executive Director, Our Greenway and Director, Vélo Canada Bikes 

Darnel receives this award for his research and advocacy advancing equitable, dignified and sustainable mobility across Toronto's inner suburbs. By using inclusive community engagement as a tool for social change around local mobility, Darnel has produced several community education and engagement events, led the development of a northwest Toronto Community Bike Centre and championed efforts to see a Mobility Greenway Conservancy built. His demonstrated commitment to providing practical mobility for families and businesses across Toronto has helped improve the health and resiliency of our communities while solving practical urban challenges. Read More.

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