City Builder Award

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Anne Gloger

Anne is the founding Director at East Scarborough Storefront.  Along with Storefront staff, dozens of partners and hundreds of local residents, Anne has pioneered a new approach to community development: the Connected Community Approach (CCA)  

The potential of CCA to help communities grapple with society’s most intractable problems has been recognized far beyond its roots in East Scarborough. 

In 2018, Anne took up leadership of the Centre for Connected Communities (C3) to help communities everywhere use a connected community approach to creating their own by the community for the community solutions to complex issues.

Anne’s background includes Early Childhood Education, Social Development and Business. 

Anne has won several awards including the Jane Jacobs prize, the Courage to Lead Award, the William P Hubbard Award for Race Relations, Leading Women Building Communities, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal, and Vital People.