CIRC Asset Management Primer Helps Cities

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) applauds the release of a new Asset Management Primer developed by the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) in support of the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC).

CIRC Asset Management Primer Helps Cities Understand Value of Asset Management as Tool to Assess and Improve Condition of Public Infrastructure.

  1. Investing in our roads, bridges and water systems is critical for creating jobs and building Canada's long-term economic competitiveness. Canadians rely on this infrastructure every day to get to work and stay connected with their communities.
  2. Knowing the physical condition and costs to maintain our local infrastructure is at the heart of solutions to our shared infrastructure challenge. All governments must recognize and embrace the role asset management plays in ensuring the predictability and safety of our public infrastructure
  3. Municipalities must be on the same page on asset management, we need to have relevant and realistic benchmarks and consistent comparisons. Cities need to work towards a standardized condition grading system for Canadian municipalities. This will help level the playing field between municipalities and help us give a more accurate picture of the state of public infrastructure in Canada.

CUI is proud to be contributing to the development of the 2014 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card. We are working with representatives from 18 professional membership organizations from across Canada to develop a survey to assess the condition of public infrastructure.

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