February Update: Intelligent Communities, Community Services & Youth Engagement 

TimelapseTO: educating youth in conversations about urban growth and sustainability

TimelapseTO provides an opportunity for youth to explore issues related to growth in their community using large maps and tactile materials. Five workshops will be held in diverse neighbourhoods across the city in June and September 2017.  The initiative was created by CUI and Maximum City and is funded by the Ontario150 Partnership Program.

downtown TO.png

Are community services keeping pace with growth?

On March 4th the Canadian Urban Institute and Swerhun Inc. will convene two Community Service and Facilities (CS&F) workshops as part of the TOCore Planning Downtown event. The workshops are designed to obtain feedback from residents on policy directions and opportunities for maintaining and enhancing the level of community services in the face of unprecedented downtown growth. CS&F policies and opportunities focus on Libraries, Community & Recreation Centres, Childcare, Schools and Human Services.

The event will also include a moderated conversation with Toronto’s Chief Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat, General Manager of Transportation Services, Barbara Gray, General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Jamie Romoff and the Principal of Greenberg Consultants, Ken Greenberg (moderator).

New reports from LightSavers Canada

This week LightSavers published two primers on LED streetlighting and intelligent communities: 

Realized Results of LED Streetlights: Seizing the Opportunity
LED streetlight conversions have led to reduced energy and maintenance costs, improved safety and security, and reduced carbon emissions for early adopters. Read the full report.

Building Intelligent Communities with Advanced Streetlighting
Applying digital information technology to the built environment can improve the overall quality of life for communities. Read the full report.

Watch the Excess Soil By-Law Tool Webinar

On February 17 CUI hosted a webinar about the Excess Soil By-Law Tool and Ontario's new Excess Soils Management Policy Framework.The tool provides guidance about how to address common issues related to managing excess soil through municipal by-laws including: permits, fill management plans and fees and cost recovery. If you missed the live event, you can view the full webinar recording and fill out our short feedback survey.

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